Information about our Soap Formulations.

Our All Natural Soap formulations contain only Natural plant based ingredients the majority of which are organic. These include Extra Virgin olive oil, Organic Cocoa butter, Organic Jojoba, Coconut and Castor oils  ( please see individual soap product listings for full ingredients).  The soaps are then finished by adding only Natural Colourants , for example Spirulina, and Natural Additives like French pink clay etc to dictate the individual soap's purpose. We also scent our soaps using pure essential oils not fragrance oils. Essential oils have various therapeutic qualities which isn't true in the case of fragrance oils. They also smell wonderful emitting a fresh familiar aroma.
All our soaps a formulated in a way that ensures there is a perfect balance between beneficial Hard and Soft oils and butters. This careful balancing act has taken us a long time to perfect but now we have a formulation that balances cleansing and lathering abilities as well as producing a rugged hard wearing bar. They are made using a process called Saponification where Lye ( Sodium Hydroxide) is added to various fats. This interaction creates fatty acids and natural glycerin, in other words soap.
Many large scale soap makers remove this glycerin to sell on, our glycerin stays exactly where it your soap to benefit your skin. The final ingredient is Time. We cure our soaps for at least four weeks ( sometimes longer) to ensure they are long lasting when you receive them.
The individual soap ingredients are clearly detailed on each product listing. We believe in clarity and making it simple to make an informed decision ( the only thing we keep to ourselves are our unique signature essential oil blends).
Please note: In compliance with current UK legislation ALL our soaps have undergone Cosmetic Product Safety tests carried out by a qualified UK chemist. They have also been placed on the UK Cosmetic notification portal which is also a legal requirement....we hope that gives you peace of mind.