About us

Kirstys.co is a Sister Brand of the Parent Company Manmane. Manmane Ltd was established in 2013 and since our Retail launch in 2015 we have enjoyed increasing interest and loyalty ...something we cant thank you (our customers) enough for. We have created two brands and invested in separate websites to cut down on customer/product confusion and to offer a clear offering that highlights the distinctions.
The Who and why?
Kirstys.co has had a long incubation period. It initially started as a brainwave that my fiance Kirsty had. She loves Home Fragrance ( You name it shes tried it ) and she wanted to create her own range and compliment the Homeware theme with a collection of high quality, hard wearing All Natural soaps plus accessories. 
We started trading ideas and thoughts in 2019 but progress slowed when Kirsty's health deteriorated due to an elongated wait for major hip surgery...we had hit a road block.
Whilst waiting for her surgery Kirsty's pain management was tweaked and she started to feel better. Then the day came when the surgery, she so desperately needed, was to take place. Unfortunately, after being signed in on the morning of the scheduled surgery, new Covid-19 rules were introduced with immediate effect. We were sent home with the NHS not able to offer another new scheduled surgery date due to the unprecedented national health emergency. We had to come to terms with it as a couple and think about the wider situation and " Keep calm and carry on! " as the slogan goes.
Shortly after this period Kirsty decided that it was time to revisit her idea. This was a great move as the project would now deflect away from her worries and disappointment and have a therapeutic effect while she focused upon it. So let me introduce you to the two us...
Kirsty ( Inspiration) 
Kirsty is at the centre of Kirstys.co. She thought of the idea, injected impetus, came up with product formulation ideas and has been my right hand lady over the past six years at Manmane as many of you will know. Its a statement of fact the Company has " Da Boss " and " Da Real Boss " ....I will let you decide who is who :-)
Mike ( Perspiration )
I am the Director of Manmane Ltd and Formulator. Its been my job to make sure Kirsty's ideas became reality by using my experience of Cosmetic Formulation, Good Manufacturing Practice and Cosmetic Safety and CLP legislation. 
Together we are a great team bringing different qualities to the venture and we think we have created something very special.
We are based in Gower, Swansea in South Wales, and we are so lucky to be rewarded every day with a 180 degree view over the gorgeous Swansea Bay from our HQ windows. We are also just minutes away from from everything the Gower Peninsula ( First area of outstanding natural beauty) has to offer. As I said we are so lucky to live in this stunning area, but it was especially helpful during lockdown.
Our core values ?
Like the parent company Manmane Ltd Kirstys.co is commited to the following core values :-
1 .All products are Vegan. 
2. We only use ethical suppliers for our ingredients.
3. Fair trade where possible
4. Kirstys.co has a zero waste policy both packaging and shipping packaging.
5. Clarity and transparency when presenting products.
6. Customer Centric Support.
7. Loyalty is always rewarded.
We hope you like what you see and have the time to take a good look around and explore the product range we are so proud of.
Kindest regards 
Kirsty x and Mike